Our Commercial Service

Improve your curb appeal

Superior Window cleaning, SLC

Removing Hard Water: Before – After

A¬†regularly maintained building looks great, lasts longer, attracts more customers, and makes for a better, healthier feeling work environment for employees. Summer or winter, clean glass helps everyone inside feel healthier and happier year round. Regular cleaning can free up valuable work hours for managers and employees to be doing the things that they do best for the business, supplement building maintenance crews’ capabilities, and reduce the danger of trying to reach difficult windows without the proper equipment.

Nothing beats experience

Aaron professionaly window cleaningOur professional window washers have experience cleaning windows in a wide variety of commercial environments, and can do so in a safe, timely, neat, and effective way that works well for your business.

We have been working with commercial accounts for decades, and are happy to be of service to you and your business.

Restaurants, store fronts, office buildings, shopping malls, auto dealerships, hotels, condo units, industrial buildings…

Affordable quality

Pricing available for anything up to 6 stories *buildings with sections above 4 stories may require special equipment fees. Call for an estimate.

  • Chains, franchises, etc can be set up on a regular schedule.
  • Regular maintenance schedules, (annually, semi-annually, quarterly, bi-monthly, monthly, weekly, etc.)
  • Flexible service times to work around busy business hours if needed.
  • Monthly and weekly pricing discounts available.
  • Online, fax, or mail invoicing available.
  • Happy to set up arrangements with corporate offices if needed.
  • Flexible hours/days for event preparation.
  • Hard water removal, Rain-x, and other special treatments available.

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